2013 NutriLiving Kickoff Cleanse

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Happy New Year, NutriBlasters! And what a happy occasion it is! With every January 1st we're given a figurative blank slate, a chance to start fresh. The New Year offers a definitive jumping off point to change old habits and set new goals, to focus on self-improvement and the process of positive change. 

For many of us, however the New Year can also be a reminder of the not-so-perfect habits we picked up over the end-of-year holidays. Santa guts, digestive issues, and overly egg-nogged livers can drag down our energy and slow the momentum we’d like to carry into this new turn of the calendar. 
But worry not, brave Blasters! As NutriBullet owners and members of this forum, you're already equipped with all the tools you need to renew your body and truly start clean in 2013. We at NutriBullet HQ have devised a 7-day New Year’s Cleanse to relieve your holiday-logged system and get you ready for the long year ahead.
This cleanse gives you two options: 
For those who feel that an all-Blast diet is a bit extreme, you can follow the Basic Cleanse Plan. This week-long cleanse features a daily food plan that features two nourishing NutriBlasts and one clean meal that is free of dairy, eggs, gluten, and meat.
Basic Cleanse Daily Plan: 
NutriBlast #1
NutriBlast #2
Clean Dinner 
For those looking to really gut their system, we recommend the Super Cleanse Plan. This is an all-liquid cleanse that features a daily food plan of three NutriBlasts and one nutritious soup made in the NutriBullet
Super Cleanse Daily Plan: 
NutriBlast #1
NutriBlast #2
Super Soup
NutriBlast #3 
We'll announce the full plan - recipes, a schedule, and all - at the start of the New Year. Remember, the Cleanse starts January 7th, so get ready! 
-NutriBullet Team
I'm in....only I wish it were starting January 1st!
I'm in too! I have already started...
Ready! :))
I'm ready for the cleanse. :)
Ready to go.
I'm in...shopping list a couple days early please!
When will this get posted?
I'm on board!! :)
Can't wait to get the plan..
I'm so ready for this challenge...bring it on!
The cleanse will start Jan. 7, more info to come in the coming days! :)
Okay, great!
WooHoo! Count me in for the Super Cleanse Plan :)
I'm ready! Still waiting for the plan/schedule.
Excited to start the cleanse !!
The Shopping List is READY! Download it here: http://www.nutriliving.com/forums/topics/2013-nutriliving-kickoff-cleanse-shopping-list Stay tuned for the plans to post shortly! Are you a planning to do the Basic or the Super Cleanse?
I'm excited to do the super cleanse!! Is there somewhere that we sign up so we can make sure to get the plan and recipes?
They are being posted as we speak! The Basic is up now...the Super to follow shortly. Just look in the new forum post with the Super Cleanse Plan title! So glad you will be joining us :) No need to sign up...just be sure to log in and follow along with the rest of the gang and for some tips and fun conversation!
I'm in! Doing the Basic, it sounds cleansing enough to me :D
I have a question. Is it ok to do this cleanse if you are breastfeeding (as long as you eat the right amount of calories)?
In for the super cleanse! Great supportive site
Ok. I'm in! I think we'll try the basic cleanse first. ;-)
I wanted to..but can't afford all the ingredients :(
Loide you can do it, just substitute items. While organics are probably better, its really the habit of nutritional eating thats the point. Alter the list to accomodate your budget.
I'm in for Super Cleanse! Can't wait for the results...I will start Monday....
I'm doing the Super Cleanse! Went shopping already and made the yummy butternut squash soup last night. Wow is it ever good!
Way to get a head start! Planning and preparation are key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle :)
I agree with gsx... SubI agree with gsx... Sub whatever you have available to you! While certain foods help the cleansing process, all fruits and vegetables contain beneficial nutrients that assist your body and promote health! Look for local/seasonal/frozen options - these are usually less expensive. If you are in need of suggestions for certain items...post your Qs here and we will all help you find an alternative.
I would advise against it while breastfeeding. A breast feeing mother should never diet or restrict her calories (as you noted) while nursing! Nor should she eliminate complete food groups (all carbs, all protein, etc.), nor should she juice fast or anything of that nature. It is perfectly reasonable to reduce consumption of harmful foods, and this is actually a very healthy lifestyle choice to make permanently! Cutting out sugars, caffeine, trans fats, processed foods, high sodium foods, etc. are all great ideas. Depending on your current diet, a change may allow toxins being released from your body to enter your breastmilk, and may be harmful to your baby, and will quite likely also affect your milk supply, as well as the nutritional content of your milk. If you desire to do a full cleanse or detox, please wait until you are ready to wean your child. Have no fear - we will be doing more group cleanses in the future! You may also print out the plan and do it at a later time with some friends and the support of your Dr. or a Dietitian. Another idea would be to follow along and add in regular healthy meals on top of these NutriBlasts and soups/meals!
Thank you both for the suggestion. I'm working on a list right now and will go shopping early in the morning.
What can I use to replace aloe gel, Chlorella powder and okra? Can I use arugula to replace some of the greens and only use kale, spinach, and mixed greens instead of collard & mustard greens? I got cocoa nibs, is that ok?
Some substitutions could be as follows: For aloe gel - chia seed, Bragg's apple cider vinegar, or some aloe juice sold in cans For chlorella powder - spirulina, a super greens powder like Amazing Grass found at Whole Foods, or just add in some more leafy greens to your mix! For okra, you can sub in broccoli, zucchini, or green beans I wouldn't use arugula - it is very overpowering...stick with the easy to find spinach, kale or mixed greens...all the leafy greens are interchangeable. And cocoa nibs should be fine! Cocoa (vs. cacao) sometimes has added sugars, but you don't use much of them so you're good :) Cacao nibs don't have added sugar...if that is what you were referring to...that is basically the nib before grinding into a powder. Good luck with the cleanse and let me know if you have any more Qs.
Thank you so much for the reply. It's cacao nibs, my mistake :)
I'm following the basic cleanse and prepared the Kale-Cabbage Slaw Salad. WOW! It's really delicious! I also cooked lentils in advance which will be paired with the salad...never had lentils before and I LOVE them!
Yay! I love lentils too...
I can't either. But we can still do healthy blasts and benefit.
Can I ask a quick question? For today's second blast on the Super Cleanse plan, there is no liquid. Should I assume it should be water to the max line as always? :) Thanks!!
I just started this morning. how ever I tasted the Just Peachy Nutriblast (lunch), the lemon is quite overpowering.
Ok...my bullet arrived yesterday (few days early :) I'm going to jump right on it and start the Basic Cleanse on Friday...what would be a good substitue for chai seeds if I can't find them!?
dcmo - saw this post on the other page and replied. Thanks for pointing it out! For others, yes, water will work - or feel free to add almond milk and a dash of raw cacao to make it more palatable!
You are the second person to mention the overpowering lemon. We'll make adjustments from this feedback for future cleanses so that the NutriBlasts will still include detoxifying ingredients, yet are a bit tastier :) Thanks for your feedback!
If you can't find chia, some other options are flax seeds (or flax seed meal which is already ground up), or shelled hemp seeds (although these don't bind water as much as chia or flax). Hopefully you find the chia, they are becoming more widely available.
Thank you :) Ive already got flax so I'll be good to go if I can't find chai in the store...any suggestions as to a good place to order them online!?
Here are two options that I know are quality chia seeds: Essential Living Foods: http://essentiallivingfoods.com/collections/chia Navitas Naturals: http://navitasnaturals.com/product/446/Chia-Seeds.html
Krista, Where can I find theKrista, Where can I find the actual NB recipes for the 7 day cleanse. All I can find is NB #1,2, etc.... And the shopping list. I can't seem to find what NB #1, 2, etc... is. Thank you, MicheleL
Hi Michele, here's the linkHi Michele, here's the link http://www.nutriliving.com/forums/topics/kickoff-cleanse-super-cleanse-plan
Thank you Samiris! Here is the Basic Cleanse if you are looking for that one too MicheleL... http://www.nutriliving.com/forums/topics/kickoff-cleanse-basic-cleanse-plan
Krista, You areKrista, You are AWESOME! Thank you, MicheleL
Krista, I really appreciateKrista, I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this site. NB and juicing is very new to me, and you make it so easy to ask questions instead of buying a "Nutrition Bullet for Dummies" book. Lol Thanks again, MicheleL
Samiris, Thank you soSamiris, Thank you so much! MicheleL
Thank you!
My pleasure! I'm always happy to help :)