2013 NutriLiving Kickoff Cleanse Shopping List

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Whether you're doing the Basic Cleanse (2 NutriBlasts and a Clean Dinner) or the Super Cleanse (3 NutriBlasts and a Super Soup), our 2013 NutriLiving Kickoff Cleanse is soon to be here, and you better be ready! We've prepared a shopping list for both cleanses, so you can go out, buy your ingredients, and get ready to start cleansing your system. Keep an eye out, because both of the entire 7-day plans in their entirety will be posted soon!

Basic Cleanse

Click here to download and print the Basic Cleanse Shopping List.

Super Cleanse

Click here to download and print the Super Cleanse Shopping List.

I have a few questions that I'm a little embarrased to ask - Aloe Vera gel can be consumed? As in the same gel that I would apply to my skin? Also, I see that some of the blasts that contain pumpkin seeds say to remove the shell and some don't. Would I actually remove the shell from all? My instinct says yes, but I don't know if the shell has some kind of magic nutrition.. :) Spirulina and Chlorella powders - is one more nutritious than the other? Thanks!
Lindalu74...Don't be embarrassed at all! No, aloe vera gel sold in a bottle that you would apply to a sunburn contains additional ingredients usually. Aloe vera would either come directly from the thick leaf or sold in a jar at a health food store. It is the same stuff you are thinking of though...just sold differently and in pure form. For pumpkin seeds, use what they call pepitas...that are out of the shell. Pumpkin seed shells don't house any miracles :) The green algae powders are very similar, but have some individual unique properties. I don't have a preference nutritionally, but think that spirulina is a bit more "fishy/algae" tasting vs. chlorella. However, feel free to choose your favorite (if you have one!) or use both at different times to a variety. Here's a fun site to read about the benefits of both: http://www.chlorellafactor.com/chlorella-spirulina-11.html
Thank you so much!
The Basic Cleanse shopping list is short a bell pepper ... you need a green one for the "green goddess gumbo" and a red one for the roasted pepper & cauliflower.
Thank you KayCapital for pointing this out! We will make note and correct it for next time. Sorry for the oversight.
Krista... I found Cacao Powder instead of the Nibs couldn't find that in my grocers organic section will that be okay? I also found Cacao chocolate but i think it had coconut with it as well... so confused on this i am just afraid not if i miss an ingredient in the nutriblasts i am not getting the full benefit of the program.. Found Raw Almond Butter, that stuff is expensive 13.99 a jar in the organic section at my grocer.
Oh my :( In the future if you have a Trader Joe's, they have raw almond butter for around $6. The cacao powder is perfect. It is basically ground up nibs in powder form - which would happen in the NutriBlast anyway! You're doing great! Know that if there is something you cannot find or if something is a bit too pricey, we can make substitutions. I'll try to help as quickly as possible. You will benefit from this program either way. Think about it: when is the last time you ate this healthy?
The super cleanse list doesn't work anymore.
I can't get the super cleanse shopping list to come up. Is it still available?