22 days so far and sooooo psyched!!

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Jackie .
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just wanted to give some positive input for all the other newbies out there...I have been doing morning blast and night blast and eating big healthy lunches(not rabbit food) for 22 days now and am sleeping so much better, waking more refreshed,not needing triple espressos to drag my butt out of bed, not craving carbs or sweets, actually craving my next nutriblast..my body is LOVING this...and not using weight loss recipes I have had the pleasant side affect of losing 6 pounds...really looking forward to more blasting and fine tuning my recipes for my goals!!
Thanks for sharing. Glad you are having a great experience. Keep on keeping on..
thanks Kat...still going strong...definitely a permanent lifestyle now...I missed a day 2x and both times I physically felt sick..my body is loving this good nutrition....thinking of switching up now and doing more energy and weight loss for summertime....love it!!
I got my NutriBullet the beginning of Aug and have lost weight through diet and daily walking. I've read and re-read the user's guide and am also psyched about all this healthy eating. To date I can't say I'm sleeping better and have lots of newfound energy but I'm hopeful. My philosophy...100 meals a month, make 50 of them a Blast. (patent pending, lol)