50/50 Veggies + Fruit Recipes

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Scott B.
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As a member of this amazing community, I am sure you have made some recipes yourself without following ones provided by NutriBullet.


What are some of the recipes you have come up with yourself that are in alignment with the 50% Veggies 50% Fruit?

I look forward to seeing what you come up with! 


A favorite recipe of mine that is in alignment with the 50/50 split is. Handfull of spinach 1/2 banana 3 Broccoli Floretts 1/4 cup blueberries Small bag of baby carrots flax seeds Water Blend for 35-35 seconds Enjoy! The banana gives it a creamy yummy taste, and masks the veggie taste beautifully! -Scott
I'm on a citrus and watermelon kick, so my Blast today was 1 handful of spinach 2 small broccoli florets 1/2 banana 1 small tangerine 1/2 cup watermelon 1 handful of almonds So good, and perfectly sweet and tangy! :)
One of my 50/50 favs - GoodOne of my 50/50 favs - Good sized handful of dinosaur kale 1 peeled orange 1/2 peeled lime 1/2 peeled lemon blueberries spring water YUM!!
This sounds really yummy Elynn. It must have a really nice citrus/fruity flavor.
Love this recipe Laura! I haven't tried watermelon yet in the NB. I may have to think about other fun creative recipes to come up with this super yummy fruit!