7 day kick start weight loss

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Naomi D.
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anyone want to join me for a week long kick start to our weight loss? I want to drop 12-14 pounds by Christmas as I don't want to feel like the stuffed turkey on Christmas Day! 

Am going to do a week of 2 nutribullets a day and homemade veg soup and a low gi meal and I hope to melt some of this wobbly fat away!

Any takers? Starting Monday 24th November (tomorrow) 

We can turn it into a four week prepare for Christmas plan and be down a turkey or two by Christmas!! :-)


Hi Francine 1 Its the end ofHi Francine 1 Its the end of day one here for me - 7.45pm in Ireland. I have had one nutribullet for breakfast and home made veg soup and some oatcakes I also did the 30 day shred workout day 1 I weighed in this morning at 134 pounds, I would like to get down to 120-122 pounds eventually but if I get down to 125 by Christmas I'll be really happy. Hope you had a good day
Day 2 complete - had two blasts today to really clear out my system also did 150 kettle bell swings Was down 1 pound this morning Now at 133 pounds at least it's going in the right direction!
I´ll join you!!! are you doing any special nutribullets? or just whatever comes to mind??
Hi! I completed day two of morning veggie blast and afternoon veggie soup. Need to work in fruit though I don't care for overly sweet. Banana and protein powder tomorrow. I'll weigh in at the end of week. Good luck!!
Good for you! I replied in above comment as well. Still figuring out this forum ;)
Hi, I was derailed yesterday with Thanksgiving holiday here in the states, but back on tack today and will stay on track the rest of weekend. Hope you are doing well.
so how is everyone doing on their kick start?
I'm new to this.QUESTION:Do you DETOX 1st? OrDo probotics 1st for your gut ph balence