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Today while making a simple drink, (milk, chocolate powder and a banana) my magic bullet started smoking. White smoke just started billowing out of it, the smell has run us out of the house. There was nothing hard to blend, plenty of liquid in the cup, and was only blending for 20 seconds tops. It has been two hours, the smell coming from the blender that is 5 feet away as I type is unbelievable. Has there been a problem with these catching on fire?
Hi Judy, We are sorry to hear this! Please contact Customer Service at 866-446-6352 for assistance. Please have your Magic Bullet with you when you call. They are open 9 AM to 8 PM EST.
Hi I have had mine for over a year and also started to notice a burnt motor smell as well. I use mine primarily for smoothies. The hardest thing I smooth is 3 ice cubes with the fruit. I'll also call.