Bland Vita-Berry Blast

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Glen R.
Joined: 4/10/2014
Hi guys, tried making a Vita-Berry blast today, it tasted really bland, not sweet and yummy at all. Its better than my last attempt which just tasted awful. I took some pics on my iphone to show you the ingredients to see if i was putting not enough or too much in, but it looks like you cant post photos here. Any advice please.
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Sorry for the late reply. We have transferred all of our forum activity to the new Q&A format. Please ask nutrition-related Qs there. Regarding your Q...everyone likes different tastes, so if this particular recipe isn't your favorite, try another one using ingredients you do like while adding in a new ingredient you may not eat otherwise...example - don't eat kale? Try a tasty dessert-like Blast with banana, berries, hemp seeds, and unsweetened almond milk, but toss in some kale to boost the health factor!