Could do with some advice with my NB

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Glen R.
Joined: 4/10/2014
Hi Guys, could really do with some tips and advice on using my Nutribullet. Havent touched it in months, which is a massive shame as i was really really looking forward to getting stuck in and helping me with losing weight. When i was using it, i did stick with it for a few weeks, but just couldnt get it right, it always tasted revolting, and I think it left me feeling deflated, another thing was the it ingredients are always measured in 'cups', but here in the UK, we don't generally measure by cup. I used things like kale, strawberries, raspberries, frozen mango, frozen summer berries, oranges apples etc and in the end I just got so fed up with it i stopped using it, which is silly considering i paid £100 for it. Any thoughts would be most welcome :) i see all these loving it, and tastes delicious etc etc and i wonder, have i missed something lol Glen have to play around with diffrent things sometime it will be ok another time not and if you use this site it does help alot but its best to use the cups to get the right mesurements. i always use a little more fruits the greens to make it taste a littler better. Let me know if any of this helps..Good Luck!!!