Could do with some advice with my NB

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Glen R.
Joined: 4/10/2014
Hi Guys, could really do with some tips and advice on using my Nutribullet. Havent touched it in months, which is a massive shame as i was really really looking forward to getting stuck in and helping me with losing weight. When i was using it, i did stick with it for a few weeks, but just couldnt get it right, it always tasted revolting, and I think it left me feeling deflated, another thing was the it ingredients are always measured in 'cups', but here in the UK, we don't generally measure by cup. I used things like kale, strawberries, raspberries, frozen mango, frozen summer berries, oranges apples etc and in the end I just got so fed up with it i stopped using it, which is silly considering i paid £100 for it. Any thoughts would be most welcome :) i see all these loving it, and tastes delicious etc etc and i wonder, have i missed something lol Glen
There's no exact science so feel free to put together your own combinations. In general, aim for 2 handfuls of leafy greens, each fruit and veggie servings slightly less than the size of a tennis ball. And then adding in boost one spoonful at a time. Feel free to adjust according to needs and taste preference. Then add liquids to just below or to the max line w/o going over.