Feeling different

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I've been suckn down these drinks sometimes two a day and I have to admit I feel no difference. I have to be healthier by adding all these fruits and vegetables but I cant honestly say I have more energy or a better attitude. I am starting today a cleanse. One weekish, five six days, of nothing but nutri-bullet "juice". What am I doing wrong? Why do so many people say they feel different? Are they lying? Do they just want to feel better?
Hi BCerda

Since your last post have things improved? I think the key with any plan is not to expect overnight success. Give it a few weeks to notice changes in your body. Maybe the scale isn't shifting but your clothes may fit differently. I don't know what your drinks are made of but I suggest making your drinks 80% veg and 20% fruits. This has worked for me and I feel fantastic. Try to do any kind of exercise which will help burn fat and tone your body. I've cut down on processed foods and the results are good. As with most things attitude is key. I love the saying CHANGE YOUR MIND AND YOUR BODY WILL FOLLOW. Hope this helps.