First time use questions

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Hi. Just used my Nutribullet RX for the first time. Three questions. First, my nutriblast came out warm. I only ran it for one cycle and I did not accidentally push the soup button. Why is that? Second, when I removed the cup from the base, a tiny star shaped piece of flexible plastic fell to the floor. I looked and it perfectly matches the shape of the center of the motor mechanism on the base. Should I put it back in, or was I supposed to remove it? It appears to serve the purpose of covering the screw that holds the motor to the base. Third, the center of the base motor (the part that spins the blade) is wobbly. Should it be? Or should I tighten that screw that is now exposed because the little plastic star came out? Thank you for your help!
Please inquire with Customer Service at 855-346-8874. Our hours of operation are: Monday through Friday 6AM to 5PM and Saturday and Sunday 6AM to 5PM Pacific Standard Time. Please have your NutriBullet with you when you call.