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Michelle W.
Joined: 12/30/2014
You should definitely add a "Reply" button on people who make a topic and ask a question. For those who answer, they're should be a reply button, so one can post on their own question or anything else. It's only available on others posts, but not our own. I read a response to a couple of posts I made, but couldn't reply to anything, but you can do it on other's responses. I think you should add this option. Just a much simpler suggestion and convenient too!
Hey mlwhitney! Sorry about the issues - rest assured, we're working on making this a Q&A section that's much easier to use. You'll be able to ask a direct question, reply to others, get responses, and receive email notifications when your question is answered. Stay tuned!
Oh, I see you've already added the reply button! Great, thanks for taking my idea into consideration and fixing it to make it much easier for everyone:) Have a great weekend!