Hello from Afghanistan!

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Granville F.
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Let's get right to it.. Get get everything I need cuz Krogers is not here.😊 but would like help with weight loss and better sleep? How many drinks should I be doing a day and what size? I'm working on weight and try to keep calories close to 2000. Any help or advice would be great. Take care and good luck with your road to health. Granville
Can't believe no one will leave a reply.. Hope everyone is having a great day
until the company answers you..Ill tell you what has been working for me... I do blast morning and night and big healthy lunch...one of the things I love about the site and the phone app is being able to pull recipes by what you want to accomplish...I had alot of trouble sleeping so my night blasts are from the imsomnia section and maybe you could try a weight loss blast in morning...I am not doing weight loss recipes and have lost 6 pounds my first 3 weeks just from getting healthy....Happy Blasting!!