Hello from Missouri!

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Mary S.
Joined: 4/10/2016
Hi everyone, my name is Mary, I live at beautiful Lake of the Ozarks, M0 , 40 yrs old, single, have an 11 yr old daughter, and trying to lose some weight along with getting toned and fit. I've never worked out in my life up until a month ago, I guess you could say I was blessed with always being petite and never having to wath or worry what I eat, I'm 5'5", 127 lbs, currently, and most of u are probably sitting there reading this saying, " why would she want to lose weight at 127 lbs, well, all the way up till 2 months ago ive always weighed no more than 109, and never ever worked out a day in my life, so 127 is a drastic change for me. my goal isn't to get back to 109 but 115, which for some reason is difficult for me to do, guess at 40 is when my metabolism finally decided to slow down, lol, or eating unhealthy food or no caring about eating healthy caught up wlth me, either way, this is going to be quite the challenge, or shall I say life changing journry :) Look forward to talking with you all :)