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Tiffany B.
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Hello, I have been Blasting for a week and I love it!  I have been trying different ones using spinach, kale, and several different fruits and vegatables.  I have used some that I never knew I would like the taste.  I have been adding flax seed to all of my blast since I am very allergic to all nuts and I did notice most of the recipes calls for some kind of nuts or almond milk.  Does anyone know if you can use soy milk for you blast since I can't have almond milk? I have just been adding water, but I did add some green tea to one of mine today and it was very good. 


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Hi Bonnert, I have been Blasting for 2 weeks and I love it. Yes you can use Soy Milk. I use Coconut Milk and you can add greek yougert also. Yes, I don't use nuts either, so flax seed is my choice. I have found it helpful to add stevia to my Blasts, when I use some things that I don't care for. I even got my hubby on the Blast as his drink instead of coke and candy, hes a truck driver. Happy Blasting!
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