Hello wanted to introduce myself.......

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I am Lori/lorelei2u I'm not totally new to the NutriBullet smoothies etc in fact this is now my second attempt at changing my diet, lifestyle etc! I am 65 female have chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, Post Polio Syndrome, severe Osteoarthritis and Spinal problems. Although that seems like a lot I am in general, good health, lol! I live in Southern California and have been here all my life, I am widowed and live with one of my sons and two dogs!
I hope that joining in with the community here will help me stick with this as a new way of life as I really want to feel better and make the most of the remaining years of my life!
Just to give you a bit of info on why I'm a second timer the biggest problem I had the first time is happening again and I don't want it to cause me to quit again! That main problem is that I did and am again losing "too much" weight!!! I know many people think that's not so bad, right? Well it is if you're already thin to begin with and it affects your health and body image!!! I've always struggled with maintaining a good weight and now it seems twice as hard! So any input would be much appreciated and yes I will find the more appropriate thread to further address this issue, and for now I just really hope to get to know you all and get and give support here!
Thanks for listening 😊