How to make a thicker blast?

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Before I bought my NutriBullet I was making my green smoothies in a food processor and I was adding ice cubes, a bit of yogurt and some coconut water along with the veggies and fruit. But I was unhappy with the consistency, they weren't coming out smooth enough. I just bought a NutriBullet and though the smoothness is great, I feel like they come out too watery. It it possible to get a thicker blast using the NutriBullet? Also as a secondary question, is there a 32 oz cup available for the NutriBullet? I would love to be able to make enough for 2 people at once.
You can try using less liquid. For the best nutrition and texture, we recommend that you use frozen fruits such as berries or bananas or mango to make your NutriBullet cold. If you do use ice, do not exceed more than 25% of your total ingredients. We suggest smaller cubes or crushed such as those from your refrigerator ice maker so that it disperses thoroughly in the NutriBlast. Always use liquid when extracting NutriBlasts. Also chilled liquid such as spring water, herbal or ginger teas, almond milk, etc to the Max line help to make it cold with out over watering...For your other question, the Colossal (32 oz cup) is available. Please call Customer Service at 855 346-8874. Please have your unit's barcode number handy when you call.
Just received a Nutribullet RX and started with the Almond Ally from the book that came with the unit.

It seemed like it wasn't going to shut off, so I stopped it. Would that be why it was so thick? I put in the ingredients as in the book. Not only that, but it was rather warm so it's in the refrigerator now to cool off. I was just going to add some water to what I poured into a glass to thin it out. Is that what I should be doing though?

Should I have kept it going, even though it was getting warm, waiting for the green light to go off? I thought the process was to be a little quicker.

I make my smoothies using several methods to make them thick. I add one or more of the following:
1. Frozen banana.
2. Add chia seeds and let it stand in the refrigerator for an hour or two.
3. Oatbran. It's just about tasteless in either sweet or vegetable smoothies. 2 - 3 tablespoons in the large cup. I should think rolled oats would work just as well, though I haven't tried them yet.