How often?

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Hi all, My NB arrived three days ago and i already dont know how i managed without it. As other testimonials have said im eating veg and fruit i would never have touched before. My question is - how many a day should you have ideally? Im in fairly decent shape and not looking to lose weight nor to pile on muscle - i just like toned.
I would say eat as much as you want. I was researching going on a raw diet and was told by several different "experts" to eat as much as I wanted whenever I wanted and eventually things would even out for me. I'm just beginning to do this type of a diet, or lifestyle change, so I can't say when you would even out.
I read an article on here because I was a little concerned about the level of sugar I could be consuming with each blast. I would suggest reading it as it does give valuable insight into the types of fruit that are low GI and contain less sugar and also some guidance into the types of veg that mix well. One of the main point's is that a blast used as a meal replacement is more beneficial because if you had a few on top of your normal calorie intake then there is a chance you could gain weight from the additional calories. Or just up your exercise with the increased energy like I am doing! This article will give you peace of mind:
Hi Jack, I want to know if your NB had any parts broken in the past 3 years?