Ice use in NutriBullet

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I just bought the 600 watt system. I have smoothy mixes from another company that use ice to make frosty drinks. Can ice be used in my machine. I did see that frozen fruits can be used, just wondering about ice and how much. I don't want to just throw away my other product.
Hi, For the best nutrition and texture, we recommend that you use frozen fruits such as berries or bananas or mango to make your NutriBullet cold. If you do use ice, do not exceed more than 25% of your total ingredients. We suggest smaller cubes or crushed such as those from your refrigerator ice maker so that it disperses thoroughly in the NutriBlast. Always use liquid when extracting NutriBlasts. Also chilled liquid such as spring water, herbal or ginger teas, almond milk, etc to the Max line help to make it cold without over watering.
With all the units that break, I would suggest no ice. Too hard. I don't care what the infomercial says. Freeze your ingredients. I even saw a recipe that called for frozen banana but then turned right around and said let it sit out for 3-5 min. Too many misprints in the cookbooks. Use common sense. This puppy is barely a blender..not one of those commercial $400+ jobs where you can put in the kitchen sink.