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Lawanna B.
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My husband and I have recently purchased a Nutribullet.  We're not sure what we're doing yet but we are trying!  I have issues with obesity and diabetes among other things.  I battled endometrial cancer this past year and am now cancer free!  Unfortunately I was left with very little energy.  My husband suffers from anxiety attacks and sleep apnea among other issues.  I am hoping that proper nutrition will help both of us.  As I told my husband, "It certainly can't hurt!"  Because we don't get up at the same time, I have been making our breakfast blast in the evening before I go to bed and this is working out really great for us.  I am fighting a couple of bad habits too.  I have always been a big time meat eater and a drinker of diet Dr. Pepper for a very long time.  After 3 days I have been cutting back on both.  I am still having lots of cravings  for junk food but I'm hopeful they will get better soon.  I'm pleased because I seem to have more energy than before we started this journey.  I am already seeing positive changes in my blood sugar readings too.  I'm praying that this lifestyle change is the answer to our health problems. 

Welcome!! We are so glad you're already noticing a positive change in your health. Keep us posted on your progress :)
I'm just geting started. Heard about the nutribullet, read on it, and so I am trying it now. Weight loss is my big concern, and energy.
I spent two days researching the best machine to buy for juicing or blending to help my husband and I get a healthier diet. My husband has been in hospital 14 weeks with cancer and I heard that some foods may help. I have to clear it with the hospital as to whether I can take the shakes in but for now I have started yesterday on getting myself healthy. I purchased the nutribullet and started straightaway blasting. As soon as I had that first blast, I felt my body working in areas I didn't know existed. It was a very strange feeling. But the best thing is, my children who won't eat spinach, celery or touch some fruit and veg, are drinking it too, and they like it! It works if only to get the younger ones having a better health benefit. If it helps my husband, then it will be an added bonus, but I'm definitely going to carry on with this change. (And the children)
Best wishes to you, Irish! Hope you have a happy journey to a successful weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.
Sounds just like what I did, Pastorcaz. I spent time exploring my options before I decided on the bullet. It is amazing how quickly the body starts responding when we put the good stuff in it! Awesome that your children are liking the blasts. My husband is not much of a veggie eater but he likes them also. He tells me that he does NOT want to know what is in them. *giggle* I'm consuming a lot more than I normally would. I'm so sorry that your husband is having to battle cancer. I spent 2013 fighting endometrial cancer with treatments including a hysterectomy, chemotherapy, and brachytherapy radiation. I'm still running low on energy but am already feeling some benefits from the blasts. It's been a difficult journey. I hope that the hospital allows you to bring blasts in for him. Any added nutrition he can get is a plus. I'll be keeping all of you in my prayers. Happy Blasting! Cheers... to your good health.
Irish wrote: I'm just geting started. Heard about the nutribullet, read on it, and so I am trying it now. Weight loss is my big concern, and energy.
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