Magicbullet Gasket Mold and Bubbles

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Joined: 12/15/2016

I have been using Magicbullet for almost a year.I had just come across that the nutrinullet gasket has started showing signs of molds in grey colour, and also air bubbles on the gasket.

Is this a fault with the design of the machine. The blades also accumulate food debris and is so hard to get the food out. I am trying to locally purchase a gasket and wanted to replace it, but I am not even able to find a support centre in U.A.E.

Could someone help.
We are very sorry for the delay. However, you will need a new blade. Please give us a call at 855-346-8874 we're available Monday-Friday 6am-5pm and Saturday 6am-3pm pst.