Morning blast

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Jonathan S.
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Certainly my mornings have improved 100% since i bought the nutribullet. After playing around with various recipes I found one that is perfect for me...

Greens (A combination of 2. Either Spinach, Kale, Basil or Cabbage)

1 Banana

2 Strawberries

4 Cranberries

12 Blueberries

2 Blackberries

1 spoon of dried Goji berries

3 small aloe vera crystals

2 spoons of raw cacao nibs

1 spoon of maca powder


I'm thinking about using 1 spoon of raw cacao and one spoon of carob powder AND instead of pouring all of the supplements separate, yesterday i used the milling blade to mix the maca, raw cacao and goji far so good...


This looks delicious...thanks!
Looks yummy! Thanks for sharing!
You are welcome! This morningYou are welcome! This morning I added 1 egg and instead of aloe vera (they didn't have it on stock in Whole Foods) i used Chia seeds