My 2 year Journey

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Kathleen G.
Joined: 3/15/2013
Hi my name is Kat, I'd like to share with you a lil of my journey into this new lifestyle.I'm a 3 time cancer survivor over a 40 year time frame.have had many health issues over the years.i saw an infomercial one nite a lil over 2 years ago about the nutribullet and it has changed my life.I'm no longer borderline diabetic,i no longer have high blood pressure or cholesterol,lots of my joint pain and neropathy issues are so much better plus I'm energetic/sleep better and just over all feel alive again after many years of suffering and taking meds.i take nothing anymore and am enjoying life everyday.let me share with you some of the things I've learned over the last few years that have made staying on track with this life style easier.i have been nutriblasting for over 2 years.i freeze just about everything.i finally bought a stand up freezer to store not only my ORGANIC fruits/veggies in but serving size glass containers and ball jars of casseroles and sauces i make.Even with the cost of the freezer(i bought on a great sale)I'm still saving money and eating so much healthier.its hard to make healthy meals for one so by doing this i can make a small pot of soup or veggie chili or a casserole and freeze it in serving size.I've also started growing some of my own foods.I've turned my yard into ORGANIC raised beds & container gardens.none of this was done over nite I'm always finding new ways to save money and adding new things to my garden.i started it with one container to grow tomatoes in now i grow tomatoes-cucumbers-eggplant-many kinds of peppers-carrots-radishes-beets-turnips-green onions-kale-different kinds of swiss chard and strawberry's.I'm adding dwarf citrus trees one at a time and blueberry newest thing is to try and grow ginger&turmeric as i use it everyday.By buying the freezer it helped me to buy ORGANIC fruits/veggies when on sale and in season at much cheaper prices,plus growing my own has helped not only save money over time but helps keep me healthier because i have to work the gardens and beds constantly plus still work at a full time job.Before i started blasting i couldn't even consider doing that i was fatigued and run down daily,another thing i do to save time and it helps me stay on track is make up what i call my daily blast bags,so that every morning when i get up its not a long drawn out time consuming process to make my blast.about every 2 or 3 weeks i put together freezer quart size bags of the frozen fruits/veggies I'll use in my all i have to do is get up each morning drink my glass of lemon water make oatmeal and my tea or coffee grab a bag out of the freezer then once I'm almost ready to head out the door to work i put my fresh greens (i use fresh greens when i can )and contents of my bag in add my superfoods powder and fill with my flavored green tea i always have a pitcher of in the fridge blast/wash blade and off i go.Now for the flavored teas since i only use ORGANIC(which is really IMPORTANT)I've learned to save all my citrus peels after i juice them and fill ice cube trays with, then bag so i just add a couple of citrus cubes to my daily blast bags (no having to spend time cutting/squeezing everyday)I also save all my apple&pear cores so each time i brew a big pot of tea for the week i can change up my flavors.I will also add cinnamon sticks(only organic Ceylon) fresh grated ginger&turmeric to them sometimes.This way by just changing or adding something different every week or so i never get bored with my flavors I'm always trying new things.I also use citrus peels apple/pear cores and cucumbers to flavor my pitcher of filtered water i keep in fridge at all times.I know all this sounds difficult and time consuming but believe me after awhile it just becomes part of your daily life.So for those of you just starting and thinking omg I can't do this it cost to much and is to time consuming just remember how you felt before you started blasting because it only takes a few days to start feeling the changes in your body once you start blasting so imagine feeling that good everyday.Since I've been doing this i not only love how great i look and feel but i love that as people have noticed the differences i have helped them get started on this wonderful healthy lifestyle.So i hope this helps you too..
Thanks for sharing I am sharing I am looking forward to using my Nurtibullet