Need to lose weight

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Scott P.
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I'm 52 now and I gained 50 just creaped up on me....had a party at my sisters a while ago and saw my picture and I was like OMG lol.... so here i am trying to get my body back to when i was 32 ...i WILL do it! :)) any help or recipies and/or diet ideas are welcome * Happy Belated New Year *
Hi sidekicny, I understand what your going through. I'm going to be 56 in March of this yr. I myself have put on weight due to a back injury and knee injury @ work. I have been doing HIPHOPABS by Shaun T and in one month I lost 10pds, also eating health and using my nutribullet helped alot. They have some good recipes on here but you have to try them yourself as some of them I didn't like. I wish you all the luck in your loosing your weight. My faviorte little poster that i have on my Ipad is "it sucks at first..Keep Going each day will suck a little less" Pretty soon you won't even have to think about it. YOU JUST DO IT.
New to to see encouragement from others....sidekicklny: I am in same situation...62 and just can't believe I am this big...I have been "blasting" for three days, big drink each day and better eating....I have lost 3 kids bought me an adult trike for Xmas and I ride several miles a day...seeing that bit of weight gone already is motivating to say the least. Keep at it and do it for you...look forward to hearing how you are doing! tiggerlove1: That picture shows you have a great motivator there! We all want to be around for kids/ your idea to post that quote handy...thanks for sharing. Happy New Healthy New Year to all!
hi everyone I have been doing green smoothies for awhile .. one site I would encourage you to go to on FB is 10 Day green smoothie cleanse also get the book on Kindle or Amazon.. I think it is $12 Me and a friend did it and lost 12 lbs although I gained it all back and then some because I was on steroids and steroid shots.. I am going to be 50 :( in March and now back up to 193 at 5"6 " So I am at it again.. Check it out it is amazing and TONS TONS of loving women and support .. Author JJ smith .. Good luck and it really is a place and book to check out .. Good luck .. Val