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Carol T.
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Hi, I just bought my Nutribullet at the beginning of this week and I LOVE IT!!!!  My husband and I are trying to lose weight as well as trying to get healthier with our life style. We have been doing mostly fruit blasts but haved added a few in with avacado and spinach. We have been using flax seed and pumpkin seeds as well. I can't wait to follow more recipes and learn more how the Nutribullet can help us achieve our goals.

Hi i just bought mine on the 2nd of this month.So im new to the site and the whole thing to =).I have also been doing mostly fruit blast and have been trying to get my veggies in thorough the day.Losing weight and healthier life style are my goals as well. welcome and good luck with your journey .
I just bought my nutribullet. Havent used it yet..but confused because none of the lids seem to fit any of the cups. this time I am going to do something new. I am going to READ the instructions before attempting to use (and prepare a veg/fruit shopping list.
Hi just received my Nutri Bullet yesterday but for the past seven days I have been juicing with another bullet blender I got free with another online purchase and the smoothies have been great but it is only 300 watts and only an 18 ounce cup so I was limited. Today I will make my first smoothie with my Nutri Bullet we will see the unit towers over the unit I have been using.
Karen, Check out this articleKaren, Check out this article from Krista before you make your veg/fruit shopping list. It helps a lot. Also check out the "Infographics" tab at the bottom of the site pages. It has a wealth of information that is very useful.
My husband and I are brand new to this experience. Can we use frozen fruit in our recipes or does it have to be fresh fruit? Meaning whole fruit, no sugar. Just plain organic frozen fruits and vegetables.
Ive had my nutribullet for awhile i have the 900 watt motor starting Monday going to start on the 6 week plan love the energy i get from the blasts have a great weekend everyone
I just received Nutribullet yesterday and had a tall cup for breakfast. I put spring mix salad, frozen berry mix, almonds, and nutripowder. It taste very good. I'm so glad I got Nutribullet!
Hi Rodf16 I am fairly new at this as well.. I am using frozen fruit for the recipes and cant see why you wouldnt be able to use frozen veggies...just make sure you have enough liquid in it ....
I really enjoy the fruit blasts as well... have bought alot of different fruits for them but cant seem to get into the veggie blasts yet...will have to try a little harder I guess..any suggustions of something easy to start out with?
Hi Spacey, try adding spinach, carrots pumpkin seeds and cucumber with your fruit. These have little taste influence but add great nutrition value. The best fruit are berries, green apples, peaches, pears and plumbs because they are lower in sugar. Healthy Wishes Wally Bishop C.N.C.
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Hi ~ You can use frozen or fresh fruit ~ I have been making mine with spinach leaves, kale, apple (don't use the seeds), banana, and frozen berries. I also add flax seed. It is so good. Enjoy
Hi my name is Jane and I am a diabetic and over weight, I have just bought a Nutribullet today and would like some tips on using it, my goal is to lose weight, I don't like eating veg but I do eat fruit, so I thought this is a good way of eating my veg and fruit. I would like to hear if anyone else has lost weight through using their Nutribullet.
I am a Family Nurse Practitioner and today was the first day I used my Nutribullet and I love it! I followed some of the recommended Phase 1 recipes etc to start. Using the spinach at the beginning makes it a lot easier to add your veggies with such a mild taste. I am looking forward to bonus weight loss, more energy and sleeping better! Happy Blasting!