New to Nutriliving...and bought a nutribullet today!

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Patricia G.
Joined: 1/14/2016
Hello everyone! I just went out and bought a nutrilbullet today as i bought a Magic Bullet just over 1 year ago and it is so great!.....

I stepped it up one more notch as i want and am excited to try out all these recipes to start a new life for me at my age of 60...

I have always struggles with my weight but ever since a very close friend of mine suggested i go to a homeopathic specialist my life is beginning to change for the better.....

I have lost 10 lbs...and so excited as i thought i would be staying at my over weight number of 260 lbs....well i guess not!

My homeopathic is a very strict person and she means i hope with this new living in my life that i will continue to loose more weight and get more healthier!

Have a wonderful day everyone ....and a Happy New Year for 2016!