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Joyce D.
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Hi my name is Joyce..........I am a newbie on here...........and trying to learn all I can! My main reason for purchasing my Nutribullet (extracting one) is for weight loss! I am not one to eat alot of fruit and veggies........especially raw/or as a snack.............but I think I have eaten more raw veggies (greens) since my purchase, than i have in my lifetime. I am just not sure if I am blending the right things that will help in my weight loss quest! But, will say this, I have enjoyed and drank everything I have thrown together so far!!!!  I am in love with my bullets!  I love making smoothies !!!!  Am wondering if there is a recipe book of smoothies for weight loss?.....Well, that is my story and I am sticking to it!  Hope to meet some other smoothie/bullet lovers on here!  :)

If you're looking for recipes on this site, click on the Recipes link and select 'Weight Loss' section (one of many options).