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Rachael L.
Joined: 1/10/2015
Hi, Just purchased my first nutribullet with the RX, and in getting up to speed I'm really noticing a few things that would improve my successful adoption. First, the quiz breaks out the ingredients by color. So far, I have not found any other association with color on the website, although tags are being leveraged for other features. For example, fig is probably blue, but how do I know that for sure if it isn't a food listed in the little book? Or being able to search for 2 yellows, 1 blue and 1 orange and get recipe recommends based on that. Second, the extraction prep chart does print out, however, it is so tiny that it is hard to read because it is very long. A filterable list or a notice on the recipe of items that need unusually prep would be an extra nice feature. Thanks!
The best way to search for foods that fit your "color" is to take the color that you scored the most - say that was green....since green refers to detox, then I'd do a search for detox recipes on our website. We appreciate your feedback :)