New and Nervous

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Susan J.
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Hi Everyone! I am a Mom and Grandma, and I am so sick of being over weight. It is affecting my life greatly. I have had my NurtiBullet for months, and randomly use it, and visited NutriLiving briefly, but the time has come to use it daily. But here are some of my issues........ if I use it twice a day, is it breakfast and lunch I use it for, or lunch and dinner? I'm worried about how to shop organic or "healthy" as some say, I have a house full of teenagers who are not going to live on NutriBlasts. Is it going to be affordable for me to buy all of the veggies, superfoods, fruits, plus food for 3 teenagers? I have heard that a lot of people get to my point and do whatever it takes to be healthy and lose weight, but being on a strict budget, does not always help! I just need to drop 100 pounds, and want to do it the NutriBullet way! I'm so excited, but I'm so nervous. Any hints, tips, ideas would be so greatly appreciated!!!!!
It is up to you when you'd like to make a Blast...whatever is most convenient for you! I'd say start with one and then if you'd like to sub out another meal then go for it. Just be sure that you are including all the basic macronutrients like proteins (hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, Organic greek yogurt if you do dairy, or other protein ingredients) along with some healthy fats like 1/8-1/4 avocado or the nuts you used for protein! No need to go all organic if the budget doesn't allow. The goal is to consume more plant-based foods and less processed foods. Stick to buying organic just for the dirty dozen and washing everything well... and don't forget that frozen fruits and veggies work well too. Here are some good links you may find helpful: Check out our Cleanse...this shows a healthy meal plan to follow:
Hello I just received my nutribullet rx. I took the quiz but do not understand how to incorporate my scores into a blast. It says 1 serving equals 2 tbs. Does that mean I should have 2 tablespoons of the liquid as one serving or one fruit?