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Mary K.
Joined: 12/08/2014
Hello! I'm very new to the Nutribullet RX but I'm enjoying it so far. I gained five pounds since I started due to a junk food rebound after the first week. No, I'm not ashamed. It's all process. Now I'm ready to begin in earnest being and staying healthy. Part of the junk food rebound was about not having seasoning in my blasts. Today I picked up some balsamic vinegar (really spruced up the veggie blast!) and I also picked up some dry salad dressing packets for the same. Hoping the chicken and beef additives will help the soups along with the Taco seasoning I found in spice bottle form. I love the fruit blasts with just wheat germ and cinnamon added. Of course the almond milk and coconut water do a lot! I thinks some of the wt gain had to do with my "enjoyment" of the fruit smoothies. They ARE good! Oh well, New Year's is upon us and it's time to get serious. Good luck everyone!
Hi Sunshine....Im new here to lose my I have been toying with my nutriblast, but now feel its time to go full on with it.
Hi, I am also new, like totally new and I am looking forward to learning all about healthy living and hitting the gym again. I am always listening to friends talk about the smoothies, now I can to them too. But the healthy ones. I have lots to learn.
Hello All. I'm new as well. In fact, I have wanted the Nutribullet for what seems like forever, and finally got one tonight. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box and found the beautifully done recipe book! I thought about getting the RX, but had to go with the 900. I had the original Magic Bullet and loved it so I'm sure this one will be great. I have about 100 lbs to lose. Hoping this will help me get back on track.
Hi, I'm new to all of this, need to lose about 40lbs and all this information is a little overwhelming for me right now. Not quite sure where to start.
I started with the 6 week transformation plan...i am on Week 2 of Phase I
Where does it explain what the phases are? I just ordered my Nutri from HSN with a cookbook, will it have all the information?
I am new to this too. I received a NutriBullet for Christmas. I started on 1/5/15 and have one every morning. I have two goals: 1. To gain more vitamins, minerals, & nutrients & increase energy levels. ( I'm celiac & most celiacs suffer from vitamin & mineral deficiencies.) 2. To lose weight. I need to lose about 35lbs. The first week I picked one smoothie and bought enough ingredients for one full week, having the same smoothie every day. The second week, I did the same, but with different ingredients. I'm open to any advice. Also, I am wondering how long it will take before I start noticing a difference.