No replacement cups

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Laurent J.
Joined: 12/07/2013
I used to be a fan of NB but not anymore. I enjoyed blasting for almost two years now. However my next tool will not be a NB.
The first cup broke after just a few months (those little tabs on the cup are very fragile and will break one after another until the cup become good to nothing).
I moved to the second one and the extra tall cup to prepare our morning blasts. When another one surrendered, I looked every where for replacement cups and could not find them anywhere. Some are available on eBay for prohibitive prices.
If the big idea behind this is to push people to buy an entire new equipment so be it. But I will definitely move to the completion and investigate carefully about their options for replacing parts.

We are sorry to hear you had this issue. Replacement cups are available under your warranty and they can also be purchased on this same website for warranty assistance please call Customer Service at 855-346-8874 Our hours of operation are: Monday through Friday 6AM to 5PM and Saturday and Sunday 6AM to 5PM Pacific Standard Time.