NutriBullet stopped working

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Linda S.
Joined: 12/10/2013
I am a new member and I have enjoyed a few drinks from new system but now it is not working; just received it in November. I tried to send the message below to Customer Support but after typing the message there was not a send option to use. Can anyone advise and/or assist with this matter? From: Linda Please help; my unit is practically brand new but already the unit is not working; I used kale or spinach as my base and added fruit & water like before but when I push down there is no action; the only thing I did differently was to add frozen fruit instead of fresh fruit. I need assistant.
is better if you call them, 1-855-346-8874 I sent them a message from the nutribullet page over a year ago and I still don't receive an answer :/
I had the same thing happen. I was making a drink a few days ago and the blade just slipped and leaked a little bit of drink into the base but I cleaned it out. Now, The thing doesn't work at all. You push down and turn and NOTHING happens. It's not my fault, so I am going to call customer service and see what they say about returning it for another one.
this is not for customer service, this is more of a chat room for users to share their experience. the unit comes with one year warranty, so I would call the 855 number,
I had a very good experience with customer service, I called the 855 number and chose to have a return call. The operator called back within 20 minutes and took care of my issue. I am having an issue with the blade assembly. If I use frozen fruit, the gasket is coming loose from the blade assembly, which is not supposed to happen. I followed the recommendation from customer service to let the frozen fruit sit at room temperature for 3 minutes, I let it sit for 15 minutes, the gasket still came loose and came out of the blade assembly. I love my Nutribullet, I hope that this issue can be resolved.
What kind of information do they need, I think I have registered....thank you