NutriBullet wil not start up

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Linda M.
Joined: 9/24/2014
Help, NutriBullet is loaded with my protein drink ingredients but will not start up! What next? Less than six months old, use occasionally.
Hi Messer2lg, we are sorry you are having this issue. Are you in the United States? Please call Customer Service at 855 346-8874. They're available from 9am - 8pm eastern time 7 days a week.
I bought my NutriBullet in October and had to exchange it today. I couldn't get mine to work either. The one of the three white levers that you push down & twist, would not go down; it was stuck or jammed. I took a q-tip and rubbed some veggie oil over it to loosen it up because like you, I had my cup loaded and ready to blend. Nonetheless, I shouldn't have to do all of that so I took it back to the store today for an exchange.
I've the same problem. Getting touch with customer service on the phone is almost impossible. Sent an e-mail so hoping I get a response on how to return it since it's still under warranty.
Same problem here. Ir's very frustrating to load your blender cup and not be able to blend at all. It makes me angry because I used it all the time. Now that the weather is cold I am having hot tea, but decided a raspberry, orange, flax, & protein powder drink would hit the spot today. After filling my blender NOTHING happened when I pushed down and locked the blender cup. So disappointed and returning it soon.