NutriBullit satisfaction

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I never respond when asked to comment about an on line purchase but in the case of the Nutribulletrx I feel compelled to make an exception. My objective is to convert seeds, skins and formerly inedible fibers into a smooth creamy drink or soup. This device unequivocally and absolutely does that. I waste nothing in my fridge. It's saved me money, increased my eating pleasure and it's fun to use and easy to clean. I love it, period.
I have to agree. I have had a Nutribullet but didn't use it as often as I should. I got the Rx last month and am amazed at how it makes soups. We started a veggie garden this year so I'm able to use fresh veggies from the garden. Unfortunately my husband or his two girls like the texture or taste of cream soups or the veggie smoothies, but I'm enjoying it a lot! I like how I can get recipes from here, but have a hard time finding some of the uncommon things on the list so I just use veggies and fresh or frozen fruits, Chia seeds, oats, honey...things you have in the pantry already. Ok, well I did have to search for those Chia seeds but more and more stores have that readily available.