Nutribullet RX Motor Smell

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Joined: 11/23/2016
I've bought Nutribullet RX few days ago. When I did a nutriblast I've sensed motor smell. Same thing happened for two times more and I've decided to return my product to shop. I got a new one but it has same issue with motor smell when it is working. Could someone please advise if this is an issue or maybe new it is normal in new RX's and motor needs to work some time ?

I'm noticing the same with my Nutribullet MAX. Would love to hear some feedback/advice from the company in this regard. The motor smell is quite worrying.
After two weeks on one day usage it stills smells the same. No matter if I blend soft things or frozen one. I think I'm gonna go to retail shop and make a complaint about it. Sure, I've got 5 year warranty for it and can simply wait and see how it'll go but I can't stand this smell...
Maybe I'm to obsessive about it, can't tell myself...