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Diane W.
Joined: 2/01/2014

if I want to add oatmeal to the blast...should the oatmeal be cooked?

and  if I use chia or flax seeds do I need to grind them first with the milling blade?

Thanks for the help...I just got the nutribullet yesterday :)

Quick cooking and old fashioned regular oats can be tossed in without cooking, however, the Irish or steel cut oats should be first cooked. Chia and flax you can just toss right into the NutriBullet! Flax must be broken up to release the beneficial nutrients, however the extraction blade can do that for you :)
I also heard you can mill the oatmeal or any grain first so that it has a more powdery consistency. I tried throwing in a few almonds but really didnt like the lumpy texture. Next time i'm planning on pre-milling them.