Older 1st Time Dad - What's Your Story?

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Michael S.
Joined: 12/25/2014
I'VE LOST 30 LBS SO FAR... 30 MORE TO GO... Great to meet you! As an older first-time dad of a little girl who just started kindergarten, I feel like I need to get myself in shape so I can be there for my family for decades to come. My wonderful wife bought me the Nutribullet 900 series for Christmas (after a few hints from me). I actually started cleaning up my diet about 8 months ago, and lost 30 pounds so far. I've still got about 30 more pounds go go. My biggest change was cutting out sugar, bread & pasta.... well, and processed/junk food. I'm having a Nutriblast 2 times a day now. LOVE IT! I'M DOING IT FOR MY FAMILY... AND MYSELF As noted above, I'm a bit older than the average dad out there. I've always tended to look younger than my age, but a less than optimal diet and exercise habits since our daughter was born 6 years ago has taken its toll. I want to be there for my wife and young daughter, and that doesn't just mean alive. It means a healthy, active participant in their lives. It's a work in process, to be sure, but I'm getting there. The Nutribullet is a huge help. How is your journey going? Where did you start, and what are your goals and motivations?