Older and healther

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Gigi B.
Joined: 1/06/2015
Hi...10 years ago I was 419 pounds and lost down to about 260...though 260 is still high my life improved 1000%! I am now 63 and know I must get my weight down to a healthier level, so hope to lose more in a healthy way, so am using my NutriBulletRx for nutritious smoothies and soups. It has been great so far. I was single for 22 years and 3 years ago got married to my darling husband who both adores me as I am AND is supportive of my efforts to get even healthier. We have 5 grown children and 8 grandchildren between us. We have many blessings in our lives, and really desire to live long and healthy and do many things. In addition, I find that I simply FEEL BETTER when I eat more healthfully. I wish you all well and increased health and wellbeing! GigiBraun
Hi GIGI....good luck and happy blasting!! please keep us posted...