Original NutriBullet gasket

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Why does the original NutriBullet - not the Pro, not the RX - have a place for the finger in the blade assembly for removing the seal? The instructions say not to do so, but I always do because it gets all icky and moldy underneath if I do not. And the little indention is an invitation to do it! I've never had a problem with the blade. So why the indention if you're not supposed to remove it?
Hi Linnie, The finger indentation that was in a limited edition of NutriBullet 600 Blades was removed since it is not necessary to remove the gasket to clean it. Simply use a dish brush and warm soapy water (antibacterial if desired) and give it a gentle scrub. We recommend that you wash it immediately after use to prevent food debris from drying on to the blade assembly. Although it is not necessary, if you wish to further “disinfect” your blade, you may do so with wither lemon juice or a dilute 10% solution of distilled vinegar and water.