Pap Smear & HPV high risk

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I am new here and I want to share my experience regarding HPV
I did Pap exam in 2014 and they found some anomalies and my Dr. told me to do HPV test.
I did it and came out with HPV increased risk strain 52, afterwards I did a colposcopy and said I had to do conization (this clinic is private and a conization costs 500 $). I read on the net about conization and I said to postpone this procedure (from what I read about this procedure is when you're close to cancer ...) Meanwhile I heard from some friends who had also HPV about a very good treatment with CERVUGID OVULES. I said what I have to lose and I took a box of 12 ovules (pessaries) then the second box with break a week and so on, in total 3 boxes. When I had again the HPV test and Pap came both well which means that i got rid of HPV. The conclusion is that we must go early to the doctor and to listen the opinions of others who lived the same experiences. This virus can be defeated.