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hi I'm from UK here we are told to have 5-7 portions of fruit & veg a day a portion here is 1 apple (1 large fruit) or 1 handful of grapes (handful of smaller fruit( same applies to veggies and for nuts and seeds it's always a handful I'm finding many recipes don't seem to suggest a complete portion my aim is to give me and my family the best most amazing nutri blast I possibly can and for each person to try and have 5-7 portions in that nutri blast so that the rest of the day can only get better so can I do this? add 5 complete portions of fruit veg and then nuts/seeds to make a super blast? can you please give me a recipe or recipes to accomplish this with generic everyday items that can easily be bought from a grocers? Thank you very much
the large cup holds 6 cups so doing the 1/2 greens and 1/2 fruits would give you approximately 2-3 cups of greens and 2-3 cups of fruits per blast.....