Post-Gastrectomy Diet

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Has anyone used the NutriBullet to regain weight and nutrition, such as after a Gastrectomy (total removal of the stomach)? My wife had gastric-cancer in 2012. They had to remove her entire stomach (and few less vital organs). Fortunately, she has been "no evidence of disease" (essentially cancer-free) ever since. Unfortunately, she is still struggling with extremely low body weight and poor nutrient absorption. Following doctor's instructions, she routinely adds butter and oils to her foods but still has dangerously low weight (and low cholesterol). She purchased the NutriBullet primarily due to its ability to improve digestion. The supplied recipe book is focused on weight loss not weight gain. For example, the book says to "avoid the temptation to add fruit juices". Is it bad to add fruit juice if you're trying to gain weight? Can you add yogurt or whole milk to the mix? Has anyone used the NutriBullet to gain weight?