Rocky Here!

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Hello All,

Rocky here! It's been two weeks since I started using my nutribullet. I have the 900 watt one. I just love love love it! After I drink a smoothy I feel so good! much better than sausage sandwiches and pizza.

Here is what I drink twice a day now(rough estimation):
50% kale or spinach
10% Frozen Pineapple
10% Frozen mix (Strawberries, Rasberries, Blueberries)
10% Banana (I add one to each shake)
5% Walnuts (handful)
2% Chia Seeds (Tablespoon) I kind of dash it in there
Add water to the line and pop it in the nutribullet!

What do you think of this mix?
It makes me feel oh so good! I have more energy and I have no burning in my throat and chest when I burp. Compared to pizza/macdonalds/sausage sandwiches etc there is just no comparison!