Rubber "O" Ring / Gasket

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Joined: 8/17/2015
The "O" Ring/Gasket wears out quickly on your devices. I have both a standard Nutribullet and the Rx and need rings for both. However, there is no listing for sale on your site for this one little part which in effect takes down completely the expensive device. Why is this and where can I purchase the ring(s). Please advise asap. Thank You.
FYI for the NutriLiving/NutriBullet community: The "O" Ring/Gasket is no longer available separately. They are now designed to be permanently attached and as such will require the ordering and replacement of the blade. You can call NutriBullet Customer Service at 877-514-6922 to ask about a one time free replacement if you have the old detachable "O" Ring/Gasket.
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