Rubber seal grounded up in my first drink!

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Made my very first drink using NutriBulletRX today. Followed instructions to the tee. Poured drinks for my husband and myself. Our drinks had chunks of rubber in them. Thinking that the only source of rubber would be a seal around the extractor blade (I couldn't recall if there was one there or not from the onset). How could that have happened? Thank goodness my husband was able to cough up the rubber (sorry for the detail but it was very concerning!). If there was a rubber seal anywhere, it's gone now. How can I get that replaced and how can I avoid this from happening again?
Our RX did this too. Still have not found where we can get a new seal/gasket. Would be nice to find the replacement so we can start blasting again!!!
This happened to me this morning as well, blended my drink and I went to pour it into a glass and the rubber seal came out with it cut. I was on hold for more than 30 minutes to customer service and no one ever got to me,VERY DISAPPOINTING AND VERY POOR CUSTOMER RESPONSE TIME. I STARTING TO WONDER ABOUT THIS SINCE OTHERS HAVE HAD SIMILAR ISSUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rubber gasket on the tall pitcher came off the forth time I used it. I've had it just over 3 wks and it's happened 4 times since then. Each time is a big mess. They should send a few extra gaskets. customer service said they'd call me back.Its been 45 min. disappointing customer service.
I was on hold for over an hour. I finally had to hang up and call on my cell and ask for a call back as I had things to do. After another hour someone calls me back but this was no help as I needed the serial number and I was not at home, I complained, then rep told me they would ship me a new blade but I had to pay shipping. I complained again and asked for a supervisor but After more waiting no supervisor. The person then told me that the supervisor said they had to have proof of buying it (this was a gift) before warranty could be used and I need to send proof of purchase before warrant works even though I registered it on line. This all sounds like a run around to me. Finally after more complaining they said they would send me a replacement but then hangs up on me before getting my address or anything. Very poor customer service and now I wonder about quality as I see this has happened to others. A $200 unit should not break down after a few uses. Very disappointed and I still have to take more time and fax or mail proof I purchased at my expense. Why does the company ask you to jump through so many hoops? Something is amiss here and this experience has taken away the positive aspects of this unit.
Had mine for about 1-1/2 months and it just happened, broke in 3 pieces and juice all over the place. This has happened to friends of mine that just purchased theirs. Excellent design.
The same thing happened to me with the Rx the second time I used it. Only had it 2 days. The rubber gasket broke up in my food and was in very tiny pieces. Made a huge mess in my kitchen. All over the kitchen cabinet, floors, walls, etc. Couldn't get the blade off of the cup. Had to return the unit. I had read similar reviews before purchasing, but decided to try it anyway. HUGE disappointment because I really liked the way it worked. I returned it and got the Pro 900. However, after the second use of the Pro900, the unit started leaking. Help???
This happens to almost everyone. Replacement parts for most bullets on Amazon. The company needs to address seals and blades and leaks and about 90% of the problems would be solved. This is Chinese manufactured and they cannot say "Qa/Qc."
My Nutri Bullet 900 series ate the gaskets from both my blade units. I just called today to try to buy one directly and was told that they now make a new base that doesn't use a gasket. I am still under warranty so they will send me my two new bases for $2.95 shipping each. 9/22/2015. 3:30pm EST Have patience, it pays off. I waited about 8 minutes on hold with customer service.