Soup with RX

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Joined: 1/21/2015
I have had the Bullet RX since December 2014. I bought it while on an extended vacation and started using it right away. We have been very happy with the product.

In the beginning, I had the blade assembly with the gasket that kept coming loose, no matter how firmly I attached the assembly to the base. Started using the attachment provided for tightening and loosening the assembly to/from the cup. NutriBullet sent me a new assembly with the gasket which is permanently attached and I have had no additional problems until today.

I made soup with the 7-minute heat cycle, tomato basil from the recipe book. I only had three tomatoes even though it calls for five, and I used a little less almond milk. After about two minutes, the liquid started coming out the top and running over. I removed it from the base, poured some out, cleaned everything, and put it back on the base. The soup was passable but next time I will make sure I have all of the ingredients in the right proportions. I did make another soup last week and saw that the liquid was running (dripping) out the bottom of the blade assembly so I removed everything and used the tightening attachment on it and then it was fine.

Any idea why it would run over other than the recipe didn't fit the product?

I just ordered a new blade assembly since mine seems to be getting a little dull and I trust that I will receive another assembly with the gasket firmly attached.

Love the NutriBullet RX.