Super Drink Fruit Protein Smoothie

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Frozen Strawberries Frozen Blue Berries 100% Dark Grape Juice 1 Scoop of an Advanced Protein Powder (Strawberry Flavored). Notes: You can use different ratios of the above ingredients to get thick or thin. The 100% dark Grape Juice used for your liquid content add a whole other Level of concentrated nutrients to the smoothie. Like a Welch's 100% Dark Grape Juice is made with 100% Dark Grapes and not mixed with White Grape Juice. I read the process of make Welch's actually liquefies the entire grape even the seed. The grape seed is an important part of the grape's nutrient content. As we all have read about supplements called Grape Seed Extract. So using the 100% Dark Grape Juice for the liquid part of the smoothies adds alot to the smoothie in nutrient department. Also I use a protein powder, a body building version, that adds lots other nutrients that are related to Mitochondrial Energy. Plus adds Proteins and Branch Chain Amino Acids. Protein and Fiber in the drink will balance the sugar content as well as the powerful antioxidants help also.