Thyroidectomy and metabolism

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Hi. I had a thyroidectomy in December and would like to lose some weight I gained. How does one boost metabolism without a thyroid? Is it not possible with taking synthetic T4? Thanks!!
Since the medication is acting as a normal “thyroid”, there should be no issues with how foods affect your health. Except for a few foods that may interfere with your medication, it should be safe to consume a normal healthy diet. Check out this article for some great info and the foods to avoid. Always check w/ your Dr. prior to beginning any new dietary pattern. Other ways to boost metabolism include gaining muscle, eating higher protein foods, intermittent exercises throughout the day, eat spicy foods with capsaicin, avoid goitrogenic foods so they do not interfere w/ your meds, don't cut calories too low - consume at least 1200 if not more depending on needs, limit alcohol, limit stress, drink plenty of water, and get enough sleep.
Many people don’t know what actually the Thyroidectomy means. It is the surgical removal of the thyroid gland, which is placed in the lower front portion of the neck and responsible for producing thyroid hormone. Surgeons usually perform thyroidectomy by giving general anesthesia. First the experts place several monitors on your body whose example you can see at to ensure that patient’s heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen will be at safe levels throughout the process. Then they make a small incision in the neck’s center and remove all or some part of the thyroid gland. It might take several hours to complete the process. Definitely, it’s important to follow the healthy diet during a whole medication. For that, you should better consult with doctor, instead believing on online articles or other people’s recommendation.