Weight Gain

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I've been told by my exercise instructor that we shouldn't use a lot of fruit because it turns into a juice that's all sugar and can cause weight gain. She said it's better to eat the fruit to get the benefit of the fiber or to use a regular blender that doesn't pulverize it as much. A little is ok but not a lot. Any comments on this?
She is correct in that pure juice without the fiber can spike blood sugar and since it doesn't fill you up like the drinks with fiber it is easy to over-consume calories and sugar - this may cause weight gain. Our NutriBlasts do retain the fiber so this should be less of an issue, however everyone reacts differently. I would suggest using more veggies, nuts, seeds, etc. and fewer fruits - when using fruit opt for those lower on the glycemic index such as berries, green apples, avocado, etc. Hope that helps a bit!
Yes that helps. Is it ok to add yogurt to the shakes for added flavor?
Also...do you happen to have a glycemic index chart you can share with us?
Food GI Value
Cherries 22
Grapefruit 25
Prunes 29
Apricots, dried 30
Apple 38
Peach, canned in juice 38
Pear, fresh 38
Plum 39
Strawberries 40
Orange, Navel 42
Peach, fresh 42
Pear, canned 43
Grapes 46
Mango 51
Banana 52
Fruit Cocktail 55
Papaya 56
Raisins 56
Apricots, fresh 57
Kiwi 58
Figs, dried 61
Apricots, canned 64
Cantaloupe 65
Pineapple, fresh 66
Watermelon 72
Dates 103