Weight Loss Friends

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Kevin R.
Joined: 12/28/2014
Hi, Just picked up my Nutribullet Pro yesterday 12/27. Looking to lose some weight and was wondering if there were others that might want to join me as a friendly group to encourage each other and try to lose some weight? Is there already a New Year 2015 weight loss challenge on here someplace?
hi i got my nutribullet today 29/12 i got it to loss weight i wanna loss 25kgs i have no ideal where to start on the right track we could help each other if you like
I would love to join a weight loss group to support one another and get ideas.
Hi, I just received the Nutribullet for Cgristmas and would love to join the weight loss group as well. I have been doing two blasts a day so far. I suffer from hot flashes, so I do the blast for that in the morning and a slim down blast for lunch, then I have a "normal" dinner. Not sure what will work, but would love your feedback!
Great idea to give us all a boost...Im up for that
I also received mine for Christmas. Need to loose weight also. I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the different ingedients I'll need to buy!
Sounds good.... I just got mine and have tried a few blasts but ready to start on this. 2 times a day beats having to prepare a meal as long as I don't start getting really hungry which will make me go in Search of bad food
Would love to joint his group! Is there an agenda, or we just gonna "go for it" and share our results along the way?
I'm game would love to join a support group. I need encouragement to keep me going.And new ideas and tips.
What is the name of the group?
Count me in!! I started doing one a day, but with Christmas break, I did them about every other day! I'm a teacher and I'm going to try to buy a blender bottle and take them for lunch too. Any help is greatly appreciated!
I would love to join also just purchased a system alsom need to lose 40 lbs
Just unboxed the 900 over the weekend and looking to drop weight as well, I would like to join the group. Trying different blast however a few have been very difficult to swallow (taste and smell horrible). If you have been there and can share some tips for taste I would really appreciate it. I just today placed an order for the Cacao Nibs, Goji Berries in hopes to play with the flavor.
Great idea and would love to join! Count me in please.
Overwhelmed with the list of ingredients also... spent a small fortune at COSTCO for volumes of veggies and fruit and frozen berries, but now realize that it only takes small amounts to make a drink. I was used to a juicer before. But the waste was incredible. I never used all that leftover pulp. Now I have this bullet and am hoping to get on a good weight-loss plan. I WISH there was a calorie count on each "recipe".... Because truly, the ones with banana and avocado must be high in calories....
Count me in am from the uk and weigh 281 pounds need all the help of freinds who in same boat as me
Would love to join a group so plz count me in..60 pounds is my goal
try using unsweetened vanilla almond milk 30 cal. 1/4 tsp cinnamon and 1/2 -1 tsp stevia to your drinks.
I want it!! Got my Nutribullet for Christmas and started the diet last Saturday. I've lost 2lbs this week but expected more. How is everyone else doing. My goal is 30 lbs and I could use all the idea, support and encouragement I can get!!
Bought the bullet at costco recently for a great price. Been blasting for almost two weeks, I already feel the difference. Is this group still going?